Labor and Employment

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Labor and Employment

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The Labor area is composed of professionals capable of conducting complex disputes, involving individual and collective labor relations, representing clients both in the administrative and judicial spheres.


We provide guidance on all aspects of law for organizations of different sizes and industries.

We seek to keep them always up to date on changes in labor laws and the rules that may affect labor relations.


Always aiming to presenting solutions and alternatives for resolution of conflicts with the least possible impact on the business of our clients, our services include:


  • Risk assessment involved in each particular situation;

  • Advice on negotiations and litigation;

  • Representation of companies and unions in collective bargaining and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements;

  • Preparation of studies and opinions on labor law;

  • Advice and assistance regarding labor processes;

  • ·Support in union negotiations and collective bargaining, with participation in roundtables and conciliation committees, drafting collective agreements and conventions, and advising in union meetings.


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