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Digital Law

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In the Digital Law segment, we act in advisory and litigation, developing the following activities:

  • Development of terms of use and privacy policies;

  • Drafting data transfer agreements;

  • Risk evaluation and plans for digital incidents and data leakage;

  • Advisement to mitigate the ramifications and consequences after digital incidents and data leakage;

  • Advisory in the collection and processing special categories of data;

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation in collective lawsuits and civil investigations involving violation of privacy and consumers personal data;

  • Judicial request for connection records and application access;

  • Due Diligence of companies with participation in digital market or involvement with new technologies;

  • Evaluation of intellectual property issues involving innovation, technology and software;

  • Evaluation of compliance with rules of data privacy and protection;

  • Analysis of digital technologies development structures and advisory over the fiscal aspects of the technology;

  • Analysis of direct and indirect taxation of digital streaming.


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